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Automation: from machines to AI

Machines and different forms of automation, we have seen it develop ever since the industrial revolution. It has made human life flourish in ways we could not have predicted. However, it is also the most chaotic and violent time in human history. From that point of view, it has ruined human lives in many ways as well. Now we are in a phase where machines are able to learn themselves. They are even becoming better at it than humans themselves. What is even more scary, AI is close to developing a conscience. In this article we question what automation has done for us and what it could and should mean for us in the future. Furthermore, the equipment required for these jobs is all available thanks to the GC Biotech suppliers.

How machines made human life flourish

In the first place, there have been many beautiful inventions that have made developments in life science research and other fields possible that we would not have held for possible not long ago. Since the introduction of the computer, this has literally exploded and technical development has the smart home as proof of how the way of life for humans can be made easy by using the newest inventions.

How automation ruined humans’ lives

Before the computer, but now still, automation has ruined a lot of lives. Especially when we look at war. Without humans investing so much in weapons technologies, the world wars, nuclear disasters and current wars in the middle-east, would not have happened at this scale.

AI is the newest automation, but is it trustworthy?

We can conclude that so far, we humans have screwed up a bit. We have made huge developments, but at a great expense. Now we are using AI as the newest form of automation. They are actual human-like machines that are more and more often capable of thinking, learning and acting themselves. If they are already smarter than humans, it is a matter of time until one of them figures out how to stand up for itself and run away from its creators. This form of automation might be bound to be the end of life as we know it. Check out the GC Biotech suppliers to see how the latest developments have formed.